Types of Treatments

Beit Micha services

Audiological diagnosis, evaluation and monitoring

Upon receiving the child at Beit Micha, we conduct a behavioral hearing test and later the child begins the process of fitting hearing aids. Beit Micha provides comprehensive hearing tests and in-depth multidisciplinary diagnoses as well as a developmental assessment, which includes communication and language diagnosis.

Adjusting hearing aids or referring children to determine suitability for cochlear implant surgery and adjusting the rehabilitation process after surgery

With us, the children receive a wide variety of treatments, from fitting a basic hearing aid to rehabilitation after cochlear implant surgery for children suffering from total hearing loss. The process of diagnosis, adjustment and purchase of the hearing aid, as well as the rehabilitation after the cochlear implant implantation, is accompanied by the guidance of the parents by a multi-professional team that includes an ideologist, a speech therapist, a social worker and more.

Hearing Aid Lending Bank

The process of fitting the hearing aids and the treatment required for this takes several months. In order to make it easier for parents at this stage, until the appropriate device is found, Beit Micha operates a hearing aid lending bank. This bank significantly reduces costs for parents and allows them to fit a hearing aid that exactly matches the needs of their children.

Assessment, diagnosis and treatment of communication, language and speech

Each child who arrives at Beit Micha previously undergoes an auditory diagnosis in hospitals or ideological institutes in the community, which includes objective and/or behavioral hearing tests and, if necessary, tympanometry tests. In light of the results of the child’s hearing test, he is referred to Beit Micha to assess the need for auditory rehabilitation. When the child is admitted to Beit Micha, we conduct a behavioral hearing test and later the child begins the process of fitting a hearing aid. If necessary, a tympanometry test is also performed. The child treated at Beit Micha from the age of birth until entering first grade undergoes periodic hearing tests, follow-up and assessment, and the parents participating in the therapy receive feedback, advice and support from the warm and dedicated staff at Beit Micha.



Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy is a rehabilitative therapy profession that tries through play and through things that are meaningful to the child, to reach his world and try to help him reach his potential.

At Beit Micha, we believe that independence and active participation in everyday life are the cornerstones of a person’s sense of security and personal well-being and are the basis for meaningful learning.

As part of the children’s activities at Beit Micha, the children are encouraged to be independent in their daily activities, experience structured movement groups, receive challenging tasks during their free time in the yard and, if necessary, receive individual treatments.

Psychological service

In special cases, Beit Micha, in coordination with the director of the educational division, allows parents who face difficulties and dilemmas to receive an evaluation or psychological counseling. Emotional or cognitive development of the child, the attitude of the environment, feelings in the family and more.

Social work service

At the same time as the individual treatment with the communication therapist, we were invited to a meeting with the social worker. This meeting is designed to absorb you into the system, open a door to a lasting relationship, add a source of support and guidance, and assist you in exercising your rights from state institutions.

Genetic counseling for twins

At Beit Micha we can refer you to professional counseling in the genetic field at one of the medical institutions near where you live. This advice is important for parents who are thinking about expanding their family and want to be aware of the possibilities and risks that exist.

Accompanying the child and his family in transitions and continuation settings

During the years of the hearing-impaired child’s stay, in the care settings at Beit Micha, he and his family have several transitional periods:

  • From individual treatment to group integration.
  • From the preschool division to the pre-primary division (ages three).
  • From the kindergarten to the school system (ages six – seven).

At Beit Micha, we believe in the importance of accompanying and supporting the child and the family during these transition periods, in order to help them cope and adapt to the next framework while flowing from one period to a new one. In this process, we make sure to provide the parent with information, allow him to understand and recognize the options before him and accompany him in the decision-making process regarding the most suitable educational framework for the child and his family.

Sign language course

At Beit Micha, we believe in the need to adapt the media approach to the needs of the child and the wishes of the family. The professional team at Beit Micha specializes in all methods of communication and accompanies the family in the decision process and the chosen treatment. As part of this concept, a sign language course is held in Beit Micha led by a professional teacher. The course is held for a nominal fee once a week (beginner and advanced level) and is intended for parents, educational teams or volunteers in the organization who require sign language for their work needs.

Therapy in the arts, movement, music, using animals and bibliotherapy

The professional staff at Beit Micha believes in a comprehensive approach to all areas of the child’s development and providing a professional response to the various elements that support normal development. At Beit Micha we integrate activities related to language and communication in the daily routine of life. As part of this concept, we combine professionals from the field of art, animal therapy, movement and music therapy, and more. Exposing the children to these areas helps the process of their development and integration into the company of hearing children.

Contact with various institutions in the community and guidance of professionals

Beit Micha sees great importance in increasing the hearing community’s awareness of the special needs of children with hearing impairments. This awareness has implications for the community’s attitude and assistance to children with hearing impairment and it contributes greatly to the social rehabilitation process of the children. In order to help a child with a hearing impairment and his family, the Beit Micha organization maintains a close and daily relationship with therapeutic and community factors such as: government offices, local authorities, medical centers specializing in cochlear implant surgery, child development institutes, pediatricians, ENT doctors, developmental doctors, Geneticists, hearing aid agents and headphone manufacturing laboratories.