Rights of Children with Hearing Impairments

Dear families,

Information is an important resource, serving to dispel ambiguity, enable control and help in daily challenges.

We have compiled important and up-to-date information for you regarding the rights and services you and your child are entitled to, at this time of their lives, as children with a hearing impairment.

The list of services and rights below undergoes frequent changes and updates. Therefore, when you come to exercise your rights, please check the websites or contact the social workers in Beit Micha, in order to verify that the rights are indeed updated.

We hope that this information will serve you faithfully.

We will be happy to receive updates, comments and clarifications from you.


Services and rights:

The National Insurance Institute – benefits for a disabled child

Ministry of Welfare (from the age of six months to the age of 3)

Ministry of Education – Division for Special Education (from age 3)

Additional rights derived from entitlement to a disability benefit

Additional rights

Offices and organizations dealing with the issue of maintaining and exercising rights

* It should be emphasized that this information should not be considered a complete and authoritative version of the law or the procedures. In any specific case, contact the body providing the service or entitlement.

For help and additional information in exercising the rights of a child with a hearing impairment, you can contact social workers in Beit Micha:

Early Intervention division: 03-6994778

Pre-School division: 03-6997503