Principles of Treatment

Hearing impaired child playing with Lego

Early identification: The screening for hearing loss in newborns at all hospitals throughout Israel, enables the infant diagnosed with hearing impairment to receive early rehabilitation and therapy, thereby increasing the child’s prospects of achieving his or her maximum potential.

Early intervention: As the first three years of a child’s life are crucial for acquiring language and communication skills, it is essential that timely, professional intervention be provided from the infant’s first months. In accordance with MICHA’s holistic approach, the unique rehabilitation programs provide each child with lifelong skills for intellectual, social and emotional development.

Diverse therapeutic methods and communication approaches: MICHA’s professional staff specializes in many disciplines and provides high quality rehabilitation services which are adapted to the individual needs of the children and their families. Among the communication approaches provided: Auditory-oral communication, auditory-verbal communication and total communication (combining oral communication and sign language).

Parental participation: Active parental participation is one of the keystones of MICHA’s rehabilitative programs. According to this approach, parents become full partners in all aspects of their child’s education, development and progress. MICHA’s multidisciplinary staff provides support, knowledge and guidance to the parents and works with each family to help them reach decisions regarding their goals and the optimal intervention methods for their child.

Natural approach: A child’s optimal development takes place in his or her natural surroundings with interactions in daily life. MICHA’s intervention program enables children with hearing loss to acquire language, speech, communication and social skills which pave the way to the normative lifestyle that every child deserves.

Early integration: MICHA’s staff works to promote integrated activities of children with hearing loss together with their hearing peers in normative social frameworks in the community. One of MICHA’s major goals is to enable deaf and hard of hearing children to mainstream into the public school framework and to accompany the integration process with the continued guidance and support of the staff.

Multidisciplinary staff: MICHA’s professional multidisciplinary staff works together as a team aiming to continuously improve the high-quality care provided for the children and their families, in order to advance all aspects of the children’s development.