Pre-school Framework

Teacher and patient during a lesson

Pre-School Division

Age 3 to first grade

Division Director: Mrs. Zvia Rothschild

“If you speak to a person in a language he or she understands, your words will reach their mind. If you speak to a person in their native language, your words will reach their heart.” (Nelson Mandela)

From the age of three, children are educated in educational frameworks in the community. These frameworks are under the supervision of the Ministry of Education and the guidance and professional support of the educational-therapeutic center for deaf and hard of hearing children of the Ministry of Education (Beit Micha). In addition, the children and families receive supplementary services from the Beit Micha non-profit organization, which include: an audiology institute and a hearing aid loaner bank, social services, secretarial services and more.


We believe that::

“All great things are simple in essence, and many of them can be expressed in one word: freedom, justice, respect, affection, compassion and hope” (Albert Einstein)

We believe in the right and ability of the hearing-impaired child to develop according to his or her needs and skills, to achieve and exhaust the maximum potential inherent in the child, to integrate into the life structure of the community in which he or she lives in accordance with their abilities, the expectations and aspirations of their family.

We believe in the importance of integrating the family into the treatment plan and the cooperation between the family system and the educational framework.

The intervention program for children from the age of three until they enter school includes three main tracks adapted to the child according to his needs and the consent of his family:

  1. 1. Personal integration (individual)

Children who join regular kindergartens near their place of residence receive professional care in the kindergarten in the morning and in the treatment center in the afternoon. These services include: communication therapist treatments (individual/couple/group), language-pragmatic groups, groups ready for first grade.


  1. 2. Group integration in a special kindergarten for hearing impaired children

There are 6 special gardens spread from Kfar Saba in the north, to Rishon LeZion in the south. In these kindergartens, a group of 6-10 hearing-impaired children study next to a kindergarten group of hearing children. The various professional treatments are provided to children and their families within the kindergarten. The kindergarten has an expert professional team that includes: a kindergarten teacher specializing in the care of children with hearing disabilities, a speech therapist, an occupational therapist and an expression and creativity therapist.


  1. 3. Integration in special frameworks

Children with hearing disabilities who have additional disabilities, who study in special education settings that do not specialize in hearing disabilities, receive from a team of experts from the educational center – accompaniment and guidance for the professional staff in the kindergarten, auditory rehabilitation services, follow-up and monitoring at the audiological institute in Beit Micha.