Pre-school Framework

Teacher and patient during a lesson

From three to six years old

Director: Ms. Zvia Rothchild

From the age of three years, graduates of Beit MICHA’s Early Intervention Framework integrate into municipal kindergartens under the supervision of the Ministry of Education, with professional guidance and support services of Beit MICHA.

At Beit MICHA, we believe that children with hearing loss are entitled to development according to their individual needs and capabilities to achieve their maximum potential and integrate into society according to their and their family’s expectations and ambitions.
We believe in the importance of parents’ active involvement in their child’s therapeutic program and continued cooperation between the family and the child’s educational framework.
The intervention program for children in the Pre-school Framework from the age of three to six offers the parents a choice of three educational options:

Individual integration: The children attend a regular neighborhood kindergarten where they are placed together with hearing children during the morning hours. During the afternoon program at MICHA in Tel Aviv, they are provided with speech therapy lessons and occupational therapy sessions, as needed. MICHA’s audiological support services include: hearing tests, audiological evaluations and follow-up, fitting of hearing aids, loan of hearing aids from the Loaner Bank, examinations by an Ear, Nose and Throat physician and parental guidance.

Integrated kindergartens: Groups of between six and ten children with hearing loss attend special kindergartens which also house a group of hearing children. The two groups spend time together during the day for different activities. These kindergartens are located between Kfar Saba in the North to Rishon Le Tzion in the South. Therapeutic sessions are provided to the children with hearing loss in the framework of the kindergarten, including a kindergarten teacher specializing in the education of children with hearing loss, a speech therapist, an occupational therapist and an expressive arts therapist. The children receive audiological support services at Beit MICHA in Tel Aviv during the afternoons.

Integration in special frameworks: Children with hearing loss who suffer from multiple handicaps may attend special educational frameworks that do not specialize in hearing loss. MICHA’s professionals provide support and guidance to the kindergarten staff. The children in this framework receive audiological support services at Beit MICHA in Tel Aviv.