Volunteers create items for sale in the bazaar

MICHA’s Volunteers

Beit MICHA has made impressive achievements, retaining its place at the forefront of rehabilitation of infants and children with hearing loss, thanks to its expert professional staff and an outstanding team of dedicated volunteers who serve as its pillars of support.

At Beit MICHA, there are many diverse ways of volunteering for those who wish to contribute of their time and energy.

Direct work with the children:

  • Assistance at the kindergartens and day-care centers throughout the week (the volunteers help the staff during various activities in the classrooms and in the playground).
  • Afternoon programs with the children in their homes (following guidance and accompaniment of the professional staff).

Other volunteer tasks:

  • Handcrafts group (meets every Tuesday morning at Beit MICHA – creativity skills required and basic knowledge of sewing by machine or by hand).
  • Recruiting donations of merchandise for sale at MICHA’s gift shop and at bazaars – among items sold are jewelry, decorative and household items, cosmetics, new clothing, etc.
  • Assistance in organizing fundraising events (selling tickets, etc.) and bazaars.
  • Assistance in expanding “Friends of MICHA” and enlisting new donors.
  • Assistance in office work.

Yes, I want to volunteer :