We believe that every infant, including deaf and hard-of-hearing, has the right to develop his and her communication skills and thrive both academically and personally. Founded in 1953, Beit Micha’s mission is to ensure that every infant with hearing loss be fully integrated by first grade: listening, speaking and thriving like any other six-year-old.


BEIT MICHA is a multidisciplinary center that meets the therapeutic and educational needs of children with hearing loss from birth to first grade. At Beit MICHA, the family plays a central role in the rehabilitation process and parents are full partners in their child’s intervention program. The Center operates in conjunction with governmental agencies: The Ministry of Health, The Ministry of Education and The Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs.

Our educational vision:

To provide each hard of hearing child with the tools to acquire communication, language and speech skills, and to give each child an equal opportunity to develop to their potential and fully integrate into society.

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From infancy to three years old

Director: Ms. Tally Greenstein

The screening for hearing loss in newborns at all hospitals throughout Israel, presently enables the identification of infants with hearing impairment at a much younger age than previously. Research studies have shown that children who begin hearing rehabilitation before the age of six months significantly have much better achievements than those who begin therapy at a later age. Early professional intervention before this critical age enables the young infant with hearing loss to develop communication, language and speech skills in a manner similar to hearing children.

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From three to six years old

Director: Ms. Zvia Rothchild

From the age of three years, graduates of Beit MICHA’s Early Intervention Framework integrate into municipal kindergartens under the supervision of the Ministry of Education, with professional guidance and support services of MICHA Center.

We, at MICHA, believe that children with hearing loss are entitled to develop according to their individual needs and capabilities, to achieve their maximum potential and to integrate into society according to their and their family’s expectations and ambitions.

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