Executive Committee

Mr. Israel Berman

Chairperson of the Executive Committee

Son of the late Deborah Berman, who volunteered at Beit MICHA for more than 40 years.
Chairperson of the Board of Directors of Shufersal (since February 2016).

During his business career he served in senior management positions in Israeli and international companies, and has consequently lived abroad with his wife from 2008-2016.

BA from Ben Gurion University and MBA from Tel Aviv University

Mr. Roi Pilpel

Executive Director

Tel Aviv resident, in relation with Keren and father of two. Roi has held the position of CEO since 2018. 

He has many years of experience working in the social sector. His previous titles include: CEO of “Big Brothers Big Sisters of Israel” association, CFO of “Hadassim school village” and administer director of the education department of World Wizo. Prior to that, Roi served as the emissary of The Jewish Agency for Israel in Sydney, Australia.

Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and Economics from Ben-Gurion University and a Bachelor of Laws (LLB) degree from Bar Ilan university

Mr. Nissim Yehuda

Owns a company dealing in investments and finances, and specializes in funding real estate investments in Israel and abroad.

BA in Economics (Tel Aviv University)

Mr. David Katz

Past partner at the A. Dori Construction Company.
Presently works in the business sector of the construction industry.

Ms. Bat Ami Ben-Amotz

Senior specialist in Developmental Psychology.
Past positions include senior psychologist for the Educational Psychology Services in Kiryat Ono and the Sheba Medical Center’s Institute for Hearing and Speech Disabilities in Tel Hashomer.

Presently operates a private clinic in Savyon where she provides assessment, therapy and guidance for preschool children and their parents.

Mr. Naftali Narkys

Over 30 years of experience in the professional and managerial aspects of data technology and the formation of business ventures.

Until recently, he served as a member of the Management and Audit Committee of the Chamber of Systems Analysts. In addition to his position on the MICHA Center Executive Committee, he serves as advisor to the children’s charity “Variety”.

BA in Economics and Statistics and MBA in Marketing and Data Systems (Tel Aviv University)

Supplementary training courses at the Interdisciplinary Center (IDC) Herzliya

Mr. Ido Ya’ari

Senior sales and marketing director in the digital sector.

Formerly employed at the Mccaan Erickson Advertising Agency and YKM,  a company specializing in website development and the design of digital products.

BA in Communications and Marketing (The College of Management)

Dr. Michael Beizer

Ear, Nose and Throat and Neck Surgery Specialist.

Worked for 31 years as a senior physician in the ENT Department at the Ichilov Hospital in Tel Aviv.

Has been a consultant in Beit MICHA for 32 years

Ms. Orly Gilboa

Served in the police for 26 years , working in statistics, operations research, planning, budget management, strategic planning and more. She also directed the police’s Department of Resources and Planning Department, attaining the rank of commander.

Since her retirement from the police, she has been advising companies and engaging with diverse voluntary activities such as the NGO Haznek. She was involved in the establishment of an association which helps senior police pensioners integrate into civilian life.

Eli Padan

Inventor and entrepreneur. Eli is the son of deaf parents and has spoken sign language since infancy. He brings rich management experience in diverse positions including CEO, CFO and business development at technology companies (WAZE, DreamZon, Nuance Hearing), Bank Hapoalim and more. He has extensive experience in developing and marketing unique products for the deaf community, and is a close acquaintance with the leading players in the field of manufacturing and marketing of hearing aids in Israel and abroad.

Udi Peless

Born in 1957, Udi is an entrepreneur, and was involved in setting up, managing and selling several high-tech start-ups. He continues to work as an investor and a mentor in several ventures and volunteers at nonprofits. 

He is a graduate of Computer Engineering Israel Institute of Technology, Technion.