Early Intervention Framework

Hearing impaired child playing in the garden

From infancy to three years old

Director: Ms. Tally Greenstein

The screening for hearing loss in newborns at all hospitals throughout Israel, presently enables the identification of infants with hearing impairment at a much younger age than previously. Research studies have shown that children who begin hearing rehabilitation before the age of six months significantly have much better achievements than those who begin therapy at a later age. Early professional intervention before this critical age enables the young infant with hearing loss to develop communication, language and speech skills in a manner similar to hearing children.

The early intervention rehabilitation process focuses on all aspects of development: communication and language, cognitive, motor and sensory, as well as socio-emotional.

Beit MICHA believes that parents have a vital role in their child’s upbringing and education. We regard them as primary partners in making decisions, implementing therapeutic goals in daily life and assessing the child’s progress and the benefit derived at home from wearing hearing aids.

  • Together with the professional staff, parents are encouraged to select the optimal communication approach and its implementation towards the child’s successful integration into educational frameworks.
  • Together with the cooperation of the parents, the staff plans the intervention program which includes support and guidance for both the child and the parents.

Beit MICHA’s Early Intervention Framework offers the parents a choice of three educational options:

Individual therapy: Two sessions are provided weekly at MICHA, which include hearing rehabilitation and speech therapy for the development of language, speech and communication skills. In this option, the child is integrated on a daily basis in a neighborhood kindergarten with hearing peers.

Kindergarten rotation: This is a combination of four days in a neighborhood kindergarten with hearing children and two days in a kindergarten at MICHA with children with hearing loss, where emphasis is placed on the advancement of social skills in the peer group. During these two days, the child also receives individual speech therapy at the Center.

Rehabilitative Day-care Center: Toddlers with hearing loss, requiring intensive care, participate in an extensive therapeutic and educational program at MICHA for a full day program, six days a week.