Generous donations from Israel and abroad enable MICHA Center to continue its vital work of providing essential services for the children and families and help them integrate into society. Even children with profound deafness can be successfully rehabilitated on the condition that they benefit from early professional intervention.

With the help of your support, MICHA’s children can learn to hear and speak and to achieve their maximum educational potential. Your donation will not only better the lives of children with hearing loss, but also will contribute significantly to the strengthening of Israeli society.

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Pledge 100NIS or more – for a brand new toy that will help the children rehabilitate their listening skills, develop social skills and integrate easier into a ‘listening’ kindergarten


Pledge 200NIS or more – for one hour of speech therapy, so that the children can learn to speak like their hearing peers.


Pledge 250NIS or more – for one audiology test at our state-of-the-art audiology lab, where we test the infants and provide the families with ongoing support.