Beit Micha is a rehabilitative educational framework that aims to provide a therapeutic/educational solution for children with hearing impairment from the age of birth until school. We believe that the child’s family plays a central role in the process and the parents are partners in the intervention plan.

Beit Micha works in coordination and with the cooperation of the following government ministries: the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Labor and Welfare and the Ministry of Education.

Our educational vision is to give every child with a hearing impairment the tools to acquire communication, language, development and equal opportunities to find the potential inherent within him and her, to enable the child’s full integration into society.

At Beit Micha – the sky is the limit!


Who is accepted for treatment at Beit Micha?

Infants and toddlers with various types of hearing impairment are accepted from birth to school age.

The children have various hearing impairments, which require rehabilitation with the help of hearing aids or cochlear implants and other amplification aids. Beit Micha also accepts children with unilateral hearing impairment.

Most of the children treated at Beit Micha are diagnosed at birth or within a year. For some children, the hearing impairment occurred and was detected at a later age, and they will be integrated into our treatment plan immediately upon arrival at the treatment center.

Our treatment is adapted to all sectors of the population: Jews, Arabs, religious and secular.